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LianDi Accessibiity


LianDi, founded in 2016, is the only one professional technology consulting firm on information accessibility in China currently. It is committed to comprehensively enhance the accessibility of internet products to let visually impaired, read and write obstacles, hearing impaired, the elderly and other obstacles users use the product smoothly.


1. We organised China’s first third-party “Visually Impaired Information Accessibility Engineers” team.

2. We co-founded and launched the China Information Accessibility Products Alliance and continue to serve as the secretariat for the alliance.

3. We organized the "Visually Impaired Customer Service" team.

4. We develop and run "KeJi "APP.


Our team promotes the Internet industry to consider the information barrier groups in China.


Our vision is to help everyone work and live in an accessible information environment

Our mission is to accelerate the process of China information accessible.


CEO team consists of Business Cooperation, Brand PR, and CAPA Permanent Secretariat; President team consists of Visually Impaired Information Accessibility Engineers, Developmental Engineer, Visually Impaired Customer Service, Information Accessibility Chief Technologist; COO team consists of Administration, Accounting and Personnel.


Branding Advice, Investment, Business Development Introductions, Customers