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My Jewellery Box


Quzhou Baffil Chemical Co Ltd was established in 2009, and has synthesized an innovated and environmental-friendly BF chelating agent, which could substitute the extremely toxic potassium (sodium) cyanide during the process of electroplating. BF cyanide-free electroplating has achieved industrial applications for functional electroplating, brake pad and hydraulic prop for instance. The project of My Jewellery Box is based on BF non-cyanide electroplating technologies, and exploits safe, non-toxic, environmental-friendly electroplating process to produce affordable and attractive jewelleries.


Patents: BF non-cyanide electroplating technologies have obtained 4 CN invention patents, and 2 of them has submitted invention patent applications in USA, Korea and Japan through PCT.

Safety and Effluent Examination: Zhejiang Province Environmental Monitoring Centre monitored and inspected the BF cyanide-free electroplating line, and issued an official report to claim that BF cyanide-free electroplating technologies contain no toxic cyanide compounds; meanwhile, the effluent for BF cyanide-free electroplating process meets the standard of discharge. 


Different to cyanide electroplating, My Jewellery Box project is based on BF cyanide-free electroplating technologies, which is safe, environmentally-friendly, and requires no suction device for toxic gas. Besides, the exclusive effluent recycling technology ensures that the cost for BF cyanide-free electroplating would not transcend the current used cyanide electroplating. Supported by BF cyanide free electroplating technology, which possesses merits such as low cost and high quality, My Jewellery Box aims to bring beautiful jewellery to every unique person without sacrificing environment and the health of labours.


My Jewellery Box project has completed essential R&D for jewellery cyanide-free electroplating, and rose-gold, intimation-gold, coffee-gold, gold, silver cyanide-free electroplating has achieved in laboratory. After financing, My Jewellery Box would launch industrial application and marketing. Embracing the principle of loving earth and sustainable development. As a way of self-expression, My Jewellery Box hopes to deliver charming jewellery, that link to the ideas of animal protection, vulnerable groups caring and other social responsibilities.


SUN Jing, R&D Director, graduated from Imperial College London, Msci for Chemistry.

HUANG Junyan, Creative Director, was the senior trainer for international customers HUAWEI.

Shen Yihang, Entrepreneurship, CFO, graduated from the University of San Francisco.


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