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Trans-boundary biomimetic high-precision electro-mechanical equipment is used for the first time to replace traditional filtering membrane made by high molecular material/inorganic material, which makes membrane technology no longer unaffordable expensive and endows recycled water with economic feasibility for the first time ever.


“Microfluidics dynamic liquid membrane water processing system (MDLM)” is a new model of intelligent mechatronic sewage treatment equipment integrated with such functions as high-precision membrane filtering, sedimenting, concentrating, mud-water separating and mud shedding. The unprecedented innovation of MDLM with its trans-boundary and biomimetic features has offered an easy, economical and reliable solution that can compensate for the deficiency of the connatural filtering mechanism of membrane material and outperforms the processing effect and advantages of traditional membrane technology.


With this technology, microbial bacterial or oxygenic aeration is no longer necessary and no filter membrane and material needs to be equipped. Instead, this technology makes use of hydrodynamic force to adjust the moving status and functioning mechanism of liquid with the help of chemical flocculation, build membrane automatically and dynamically inside the vessel, and thereby filter and refine waste water. After such process, waste water would come out of the vessel as clean water.  


We are committed to becoming the first water company engaging in the whole industry chain of community water recycling. Our aim is to promote the environmental protection industry to develop from 2B and 2G to 2C with ecological technologies like recycling community water and encompass environmental protection in developing community economy.


Zhao Zhiqiang, Chairman, an expert in membrane technology and waste water physicochemical treatment technology from Oxford University and University of Connecticut.

Zhou Zhimin, CTO, an expert in water processing and mechanical & electrical integration; core of the original MDLM R&D team.