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Zorpia Robot


Zorpia Robot, established in 2014 by a group of experts in mechanical field, focuses in developing of front-end of mechanical arm and has been on a leading edge in such field in China. With rich experience and technique in mechanic field, the mechanical hand created by Zorpia has offered opportunity to the disabled to do daily activities by himself so as to at least achieve the object of taking care of himself. Furthermore, Zorpia has made a platform of Zopia+, which enables potential partners in other fields to participate the development.


Based on the structural design developed by itself, Zorpia hand has achieved equivalent functions with respect to the product from overseas competitors. By joint movement of single finger with other fingers to simulate pointing, grabbing, Zorpia had has met functional needs of daily life of the disabled very well.


Self-developed structural design;

Platform of Zorpia+


Zorpia hand/arms can serve all people.