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Stemirna Therapeutics


Stemirna Therapeutics is a RNA technology based drug development company designed to maximize the promise of RNA science. We are doing two things: Developing microRNA/siRNA based oncology therapeutics drug into clinical stage, especially focus on anti-angiogenesis and anti-Cancer Stem Cells field; Establishing a mRNA based medicine platform, especially cancer vaccine system, developing personalized mRNA cancer vaccine by using mRNA coding personalized Neoantigens.


DOPC based neutral-charge, liposome-incorporated mRNA drug delivery platform (have been licensed out from MD Anderson)


We have independent intellectual property rights and exclusive authorization. And with the ability of development of subsequent products, we will have independent intellectual property rights of our own. With the mRNA drug technology platform, we will become a platform type company. And we are expected to have the first large-scale GMP mRNA production centre.


Our mission is to develop first-in-class and first-to-the-market miRNA based anti-cancer drug and mRNA based personalized therapeutics for next generation in China.

Our vision is to establish the best mRNA therapeutics platform and anti-cancer miRNA/siRNA drug platform with our team and partner to cure all of these serious diseases of which the treatments are not very successful.

Our belief is that we will impact and enhance human health globally through our technologies.