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Puquan Scientific Technology


IEPI (Independent Enhanced Protection Irrigation) is an irrigation technology which solves some of the world’s most pressing agriculture problems. A system of integrated underground water-fertilizers provides a steady water supply of 100-1000 ml/hour to match the hydration needs of plants. Not only does this save water and fertilizer by up to 50% compared to traditional methods, it also improves the quality of agricultural products. As a result, this technology is expected to play a vital role in the next generation of water-fertiling systems all over the world.



Beijing Puquan pinoeers discentered filteration technology, which protectes each water outlet separately and provides improved subsurface irrigation. Our company has been awarded five patents in more than 70 countries. The technology we use creates stable water-fertilizing integration solutions that prevent blockages. Underground water-fertilizer irrigation systems are an emerging market, and we are one of its early leaders. Through the advances of the internet, we were able to secure a solid position in this industry.



We are integrating leading agricultural technology with cutting edge internet technology to create the most advanced water-fertilizing irrigation solutions. This will link agricultural input, large-scale production processes and environmental protection with high-quality and safe agricultural products. The result is a complete water-fertilizing irrigation ecosystem which will spearhead the industry for years to come.



We are making a social impact by liasing with relevant government agencies, large-scale enterprises and public service organisations to discuss water-fertilizing irrigation, water and beach conservation. We are expanding this reach by establishing sales channels throughout China to provide service for our clients. Our technology has been utilised in a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture, forestry and landscaping.