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China has the highest proportion of myopia. Our company’s eye protector was independently researched and developed. It is an APP which uses computer vision technology to observe the users' posture through the phone front camera. When the user's eyes are too close to the screen it will automatically alert  them. It is currently undergoing final adjustments before being put online. The product is more suitable for young people, and will ensure that they use their eyes in an optimal way through remote monitoring and alarm system.


1. On 28th October 2016 we completed a complete commercial closed-loop APP release-A development, and now is currently in the formation of an operational team stage.

2. Cooperated with Peking University Medical Department to establish to ensure the product’s authority and scientific credentials.


Through the visual protection APP, we add value to the Chinese economy and health of people. We can save health care expenses through prevention-based health management. At the same time it will protect young people eyesight.


Chen Liang, Founder and CEO has worked at Broadcom, the Cisco (US), Hitachi(China) Research and Development Co Ltd, Microsoft Asia Research Institute.

Que Zhenqing, co-founder, who won the 2005 American Landscape Architects 'Annual Honor Design Award and 2007 American Landscape Architects' Annual Honor Design Award.