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Carbon Energy


Carbon Energy Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd was founded by fellow experts of China National Thousand Talents Program, dedicated to developing technology for carbon utilization and its commercialization. It is the only company which use its own core technology in China for carbon utilization. The carbon dioxide emitted by industry sectors will be utilized to generate useful chemicals such as methanol, formic acid, gasoline and diesel.


We can change carbon dioxide to Bio Isobutyl Alcohol through the catalyser, reactor and processing technology the company developed. After that, the company can produce several product such as diesel oil or methanol with Fischer Tropsch Technology.


The raw material is easy to obtain at low price so the company can control the cost. More importantly, the product also has “zero carbons” feature. There is no need for coal and other substances during the preparation process so carbon dioxide emissions will not increase. This gives the product more competitive advantage than any other existing product in the market. 


Reconstruct the energy structure; promote energy-saving and emission-reduction; create a future with clean and sustainable energy.


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