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Department of Electronics, Peking University


High performance and energy saving carbon nanotube based transistors were fabricated under lab conditions. The results were published on Science. The project is led by Professor Lian-Mao PENG and carried out by his research group in Department of Electronics, Peking University. For this purpose, we have 300 m2 clean rooms (cleaned area 200 m2) and facilities. Hoping to build a 4 inch wafer fab.


The speed is 3 times faster than silicon transistors on the same scale (10nm gate length). The energy consumption is reduced by 75%. Fabrication cost can be significantly reduced. We produced integrated circuits and CPUs in labs using electron beam lithography and are developing lithography methods for commercial fabrication. We hope to make CPUs for internet of things sensors like fitness trackers.


Our product can achieve significant energy saving for CPUs and integrated circuits, hence to enhance work time. Mckinsey also suggested that the semiconductor industry is transforming from competing performance to reducing cost. The advantage of using carbon transistor is low cost.


To start our business, we are looking to produce CPUs for fitness trackers for its popularity and accessible performance (48 MHz clock rate). We are open to other IoT sensors too to cope with uncertainties. In the far future, we hope to fabricate carbon based CPUs for computers and smart phones.


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